Oct 17, 2009

FluffStuffs Designer Feature

About Fluffstuffs:

Sometimes I feel like a 90 year old i take joy in wearin
g fluffy slippers eating cake dishing out advice and complaining about the weather.

Somedays I feel lik
e a five year old..these days are my most creative ones.I go to my work room for the day surround myself with my favourite books ,fabrics ,beads and buttons. As if by magic a few hours on I emerge with a bunch of new handmade goodies.

I have been making jewellery for about 4 years now
and I haven’t looked back. I have had no formal training. I think I would get restless in a class and want to do something …the 5 year old peaking through again .


The things that attracted my eye at a jumble sale or charity shop as a child still draw me in now. At 29 I’m still kicking myself for giving up my glow worm and Victoria plum doll. Vivid colours , cutesy kitsch images ,Tokyo kawaii and the sweetness of my cats inspire me

Best Seller:

This brooch and similar were amongst the items I supplied to my first shop.Also a similar brooch was put in French Elle within their top 10 internet buys .

We Make London:

A lot of my items are one of a kind especially in my A Resin revival shop.I have a lot of new items planned .I will also be having lots of super sale items which will be huuuuge bargains



Emma in Wonderland said...

"Sometimes I feel like a 90 year old...sometimes I feel like a 5 year old..."

That could be me writing that! I am so looking forward to meeting you and seeing all your wonderful goods in December!

Em ♥

strikk handknits said...

wow! these are really great! looking forward to seeing you at the fair....