Oct 16, 2009

Dan Hillier Designer Feature

About Dan Hillier:

I’m based in East London, making my altered engravings and ink drawings for private sale and producing illustrations to commission for various music and publishing projects worldwide.
I make collages and ink drawings using a mixture of found imagery and my own imaginings. My work is born out of a love of line work and collage, a fascination with archaic imagery and an urge to produce pictures with a dark side with that trigger some form of subconscious recognition and humour in the viewer.


Indulging in what to me is the one of the most pleasant ways to spend time. Keeping myself out of a real job.

Best Seller:

‘Mother’ feels like my signature piece as it was one of my first pictures in this style and is one of the most popular, and I think it’s the most iconic looking piece that I’ve made.

We Make London:

The full range of my prints on my website plus a few new pieces that I haven’t put up yet. I’ll also be making a new image especially for the market that will be sold in a very limited edition.



1 comment:

Emma in Wonderland said...

I've seen your fantastic work online, Dan, so it will be wonderful to see it in real life!

Em ♥