Oct 11, 2009

Sakura Jewellery Designer Feature

About Sakura Jewellery:

I am a self taught jewellery designer living in Surrey with my Dutch partner and two Siamese cats. I left my previous career as a corporate lawyer almost 5 years ago to devote all my energies to Sakura Jewellery. "Sakura" is the Japanese word for "cherry blossom". It is a name I chose because, like the cherry blossom, my hope for my jewellery is for it to be delicate, luminous, ephemeral and beautiful and I also wanted to honour my half-Japanese heritage. This is also the reason why "Sakura" feature quite prominently in some of my designs.


I am inspired by colour, nature, my half-japanese heritage and the people and animals that surround me every day. My designs incorporate a melting-pot of materials from semi-precious gemstones to my own ceramic creations and much much more.

Best Sellers:

Ceramic and gemstone jewellery

My specialities are one-of-a-kind pieces combining my handmade ceramic focals with gemstones and obviously my Sakura cherry blossom pieces which sell well as bridal jewellery.

Sakura cherry blossom jewellery

We Make London:

I will be selling a range of Sakura cherry blossom bracelets and necklaces as well as some of my ceramic focal jewellery pieces as well as a range of other pieces.




Kalicat said...

beautiful pendants Anna

Emma in Wonderland said...

I agree! That ceramic and gemstone necklace is amazing - no wonder it's a best-seller!

Anonymous said...

make in london the special jewellery.