Oct 20, 2009

Enchanted Earth Designer Feature

About Enchanted Earth:

I have a background in fine art, but have always loved extending my creative urges to cover my person as well as a canvas. Discovering felt making through a workshop in 2004 gave me a perfect way of marrying the two together.
Felt making is the oldest textile tradition known to us, beautiful in it's simplicity and magical in it's versatility. I love the sensuousness and physicality of this ancient craft and the endless possibility within the seemingly humble fibre and above all I love its simplicity - fibre, hands and water.


What influences me most is the awe inspiring creativity of Mother Earth, her magnificence and sheer diversity.I am also inspired by the incredible tapestry of folk art traditions and adornment worldwide, old and new. By anything that expresses the dynamic flow and energy of Nature and our nature.

Best Seller:

I consider this piece a signature piece as it best shows my love of colour and organic form, every piece I create is a one of a kind, but they all share this common link

We Make London:

I'll be bringing some sumptuously soft and jewel bright scarves and stoles.





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cherylline said...

beautiful work, love the shape and colours.