Nov 1, 2009

Superfumi Designer Feature

About Superfumi:

Hello I am Claudia, a London based illustrator, accessory and jewellery designer. Superfumi was born out of my love for colourful, sweet and unique things and the desire to translate my ideas into three-dimensional objects. I love drawing and all Superfumi products are based on my illustrations. I like to create objects that will give people a little bit of joy and make them smile. Every item in the Superfumi shop is made in the UK using locally sourced materials, 100% recycled paper and everything is hand-finished or totally handmade by myself.


Everyday people and life, animals, nature, childhood memories, colours and dreams are my biggest influences. I like mixing up real things with surreal thoughts of my imagination. Recently I have been inspired by reading fashion illustration books and looking at vintage pottery design.

Best Seller:

The Lazy Leopard Necklace has been the most popular item in my shop, must be the charming green eyes! It is available in silver or gold enamel, even Katie from super fashionable blog What Katie Wore has one!

We Make Christmas:

At We Make Christmas I will be stocking all my necklaces, greeting cards and pocket mirrors along with lots of gift ideas such as notebooks, purses, make up bags, fabric brooches and hanging decorations. A super cute, special collection of Christmas cards and gift tags will also be present.


Where can we find you: You can visit my website or visit my Etsy shop

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