Nov 22, 2009

The Cycling Artist Designer Feature

About The Cycling Artist:

I like to describe myself as an American Brit artist – from Chicago but permanently in the UK I bring a Midwestern aesthetic to the long-standing British landscape tradition. But I never painted until I moved to London, so I feel there’s something very British in my expression. The boring CV-type bits? I’m a full time artist, studio in Greenwich, London just next to the Thames Barrier. I’ve been selling online for a decade now and have work in collections all over the world as well as in London galleries.


All of my paintings are about and of the amazing British coastline with all it’s simplicity, drama, erosion, colour and weather. My biggest influence is, of course, Turner. The best compliment is always when someone sees this aspect rather than colour field references.

Best Sellers:

Either very large or very small paintings! My most popular online are the tiny 5” Horizon paintings on block canvases, while gallery sales are more works a metre wide and larger. Personally I love that both reach out to people and speak to them – anyone and everyone deserves to have a little piece of tranquillity from the sea in their lives.

We Make London:

At WeMake I’ll be sharing a range of work, so visitors can see a little bit of everything! A lot of small items that are great gifts or starter pieces for new collectors, like ACEOs (trading card size) and 5” canvases. Plus some larger gallery pieces from my major English Coast series.


All my work:
Work available direct from the studio: the

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