Nov 21, 2009

Isabee Designer Feature

About Isabee:

Isabee – Organic Cotton T-Shirts, Handmade Dressing-Up Clothes for Children, Accessories for Grown-Ups and Babiesby Isabelle Blondiau

With a family tradition of high quality dressmaking, I use good quality materials and a high standard of craftsmanship to create clothes that are made to last.

Everything is handmade, designed to look and feel magical, to enchant and delight, feel great to wear and provide a broad scope of creative play.


To fire the imagination of children and parents with original and inspiring clothes and dressing up, moving away from highly branded commercial tv and movie merchandising.

Best Sellers:

The Pirate outfit has become something of a classic. Both girls and boys love it, it can be worn over other clothes and it’s not heavy, so is cheap to send to family abroad!

We Make London:

For We Make Christmas I’ll be packing a lot into a small space! ...

Dressing-up outfits (Bride, Pirate, King, Queen, Pink Girl and more)
Organic cotton t-shirts for children and babies
Baby blankets, hats and bibs

Fleece and velvet scarves
I also have wooden swords, bows and arrows to
accompany my outfits.

For We Make Christmas I will have 100%
wool felt Flower Bags at £12 (20% off).


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