Nov 24, 2009

Kate Broughton Designer Feature

About Kate Broughton:

My name is Kate, I am an accessories designer/maker based in Nottingham. I am currently working on an ever-increasing range of felt animal accessories. I have always made things, as far back as I can remember I have been drawing, painting, sewing, knitting and a whole lot of other stuff besides. I graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2004 with a degree in textile design, specialising in printed textiles. I started making brooches a couple of years ago when I made a squirrel for a friend and I haven't stopped since then!


I grew up in a town called Otley in West Yorkshire where I did a lot of walking in woods, paddling in rivers, and birdwatching. This is where my love for wildlife began and since then it seems to have been a prevailing influence on my work.

Best Sellers:

My signature piece is probably the Greenfinch brooch. It’s one of my newer brooches but sums up my style and it’s one of my best sellers at the moment.

We Make Christmas:

I'll have the full range of animals with me (and some new ones too), my cotton tote bags and some of my new purses. I'll also have a new range of Christmas cards and I'm working on some handmade books which I hope to have ready.


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DH Painter said...

Oh my god your stuff is lovely! I'll be over to have a look and admire next weekend. Dawn
London Clay Birds x