Nov 27, 2009

Rosie Wonders Designer Feature

About Rosie Wonders:

I come from a family of creative people. My Mother was an artist working with silk screen and etching when I was growing up and my Aunt was a knitwear designer, my Godmother was a weaver. They ran their own businesses and sold products to shops. So I guess somewhere along the line I picked some of this up. This is my 2nd career – I studied Broadcasting at Leeds Uni and went on to work in TV. But when I thought about a future of making TV programmes I knew it wasn’t creative enough and I had to find something to fit my personality

I had always made cards for friends and so started to design cards which were very handmade with lots of collage work and took ages to make! I sold initially to local shops and would send samples to the buyers at Paperchase and Selfridges. I knew I was doing the right thing because when they rejected the designs I took it on the chin and said ‘oh well, one day I’ll get it right’…and I did!

Once I had taught myself Photoshop and found a distributor I applied for a start-up loan from the Princes Trust and came up with a range of Valentines cards that were bought by Selfridges. Selfridges are still buying my cards.

The jewellery came after the cards, I somehow have a technique involving embroidery and ribbon bead work and vintage bits and pieces. I have no idea where it came from and it does take a long time to make but I think it works so I don’t really mind. As each piece is unique its always fun to make.


I can pick up inspiration anywhere really. At the moment I do focus a lot on dolls and funny looking little characters. I have always been quite ‘folky’ in my work. I’ve featured Russian dolls since the start of my business around 4 years ago, though at the moment the Folk trend has become so popular that I am wanting to move on. I’m not sure if that is possible as it is so integral to my work. I am driven by wanting to make something original or unexpected. I think I’m fairly eclectic and am not worried about mixing things or putting things together that are a bit jarring.”

Best Sellers:

Russian doll landscape card – because people like Russian dolls!

Blossom bird card – because people love birds!

Stitched Russian doll jewellery – that Russian doll thing again

Trinket necklace – 7 vintage charms on 2 types of vintage chain

We Make Christmas:

Christmas cards! Around 100 different designs so something for everyone.

Stitched jewellery made with vintage charms and beads, all one off pieces, lots of new designs, rings, necklaces, brooches, earrings.

Trinket jewellery – made from vintage components, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings.

Flora necklaces – made from a stunning long stem rose

Organic cotton shoppers – adorned with Rosie Wonders greetings card image in A4 size.


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