Nov 7, 2009

Edith Ceramics Designer Feature

About Edith Ceramics:

I have been working as a potter over 15 years. I studied in Art college Sarospatak in Hungary. After my studies, I worked as a thrower. I gathered lots of experiences through out these years. I had the privilege to meet with interesting, different artists and individuals. I set up my studio in 2000 in Budapest. Mostly, I hand-crafted table wares including tea-sets, candlesticks, lamps. Currently, I live and work in London. I make black and white earthstone finely designed tableware (such as cups , coaster) and decorative vessels (such as vases and platters). I hand build some pieces and press old Hungarian laces on the clay. This gives delicacy for each items. I use lace pattern in the details, such as porcelain cup’s handle, birds’ plinth. Some pieces are hand thrown, some others are hand built. I finish my pots with satin, matt transparent glaze or burnish them. I do some useful, exciting object as an apple-baker, small fondue-pot or picture holders. I make some unique lamps, which are by nature Morocco style inspired.


I Like to create new objects on the wheel. I had lots of colours in Hugary. When I moved to London, I wanted to make a change. Smoked, wood-fired items fascinates me. That is why I decided to make black and white items. I try to design decorative and useful items at the same time. The Jazz music inspires me to create new shapes.

Best Sellers:

My apple baker is a real fun pot. It works as a small fondue-maker. You can melt cheese and chocolate in the top-pot with a simple T-light in the bottom. I sell them with a small recipe book. It is a unique gift for anybody.

We Make Christmas:

I will sell some handmade, porcelain xmas decoration with a lace pattern. I will have porcelain cups in handcrafted wooden box. Picture holders, birds on bamboo sticks, lamps, lace bowls, tea-light holders. I will cook apple also in the apple-baker, so the visitors can taste it.


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Erika said...

Beautifull stuff, nice,clean shapes.. Edit well done :-))