Nov 11, 2009

Speed Crafting By Lady Luck Rules OK

With just over three weeks to go the We Make team are excited to announce a special addition to the fair:

Speedcrafting by Lady Luck Rules OK

From 0 to crafty in 10 minutes flat!

We're crazy about crafting and making stuff but if the thought of sitting in all night stitching doesn’t sound like much fun then come and check out our first ever Speedcrafting table at We Make this Christmas! Whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned pro, you'll be the proud owner of a hot handmade fashion accessory in no more than 10 minutes and for less than £10!

Our first collection of Speedcrafting kits feature an adorable collection of bows. Choose from an exciting array of fabrics which have all fashion bases covered from pretty vintage floral prints, glam metallics and luxe velvets or graphic pop prints. Once you’ve selected your fave bow you can stitch it onto a chic beret, a sweet songbird tote bag or make a cute brooch.

Et voila! You’ve done the D.I.Y dash and made a gift for you or a friend in a flash!

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Elise said...

Brilliant !