Nov 2, 2009

Emma Newson - Emma in Wonderland Photography Designer Feature

About Emma Newson:

For me, photography is great therapy! I was diagnosed with mental health problems many years ago and all the complications meant that I had to drastically re-evaluate my life and my ambitions. In a way it was a blessing in disguise, though, as it unearthed a creative streak I never knew existed! I dabbled in various arts and crafts before re-discovering photography. Black and white film photography was a passion of mine as a teenager and in a moment of sheer madness, after my son was born, I decided to study it formally. Because I don’t drive and often have a 3-year-old in tow, the whole process of photography is a labour of love, but every successful image makes it all worthwhile.


My work is very eclectic and inspiration can come from anywhere, at any moment. I’ve learnt the hard way to always have a camera with me! I’m a Christian, so I see my work as an extension of that and celebration of God’s creations - our world and everything in it - including ourselves! I look to the work of the ‘great’ photographers but I’m also inspired and encouraged by my contemporaries. I belong to some wonderful photography groups on the ‘net and we help and support each other through our photographic journeys through life.

Best Sellers:

Without a doubt my two bestselling prints have been ‘Shoreline’ and ‘A Gentle Freak-Out’, which is wonderful because they’re such different images. ‘Shoreline’ is quite a classic stand-alone photograph whereas ‘Freak-Out’ is a very personal piece, from my ongoing series on mental health issues. I originally held back from selling any of my self-portraits because they are so personal and frankly, I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting a photo of me on their wall! But ‘Freak-Out’ is a little anonymous and the one phrase I hear time and again is; “That’s exactly how I feel!”

We Make Christmas:

At Chelsea I’ll have a full range of prints available - landscapes, still life, portraiture, etc - in sizes ranging from 6x4” to 10x8”, all with white borders ready for mounting and framing. I’ll also have some 10x8” prints already professionally mounted and even a few ready-framed 12x10” pieces. As ever, all my work will be printed on ‘Fujifilm Crystal Archive’ paper - guaranteed to last a lifetime!

I’ll have some great deals on, too, such as free prints and will have discounts for sets and bulk purchases! I’ll also be launching some brand new ‘never before seen’ work!


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PonderandStitch said...

Oh, I love Emma in Wonderland!! She's so sweet and does great work- nice feature! :)

Emma in Wonderland said...

Thank you!!! That's actually made me blush!

Em ♥