Nov 19, 2009

Flaming Lily Glass Designer Feature

About Flaming Lily Glass:

I’m Michelle, the designer-maker behind Flaming Lily Glass. Glass has long been a passion of mine, and about four years ago I discovered what’s known as warm glass, fusing glass in a kiln, and have been hooked ever since. Glass is not always an easy medium to work with and you can never be sure something will turn out the way you expect, but I love the unpredictability of opening the kiln and seeing what’s waiting for me. Sometimes things go wrong and you take it as a learning experience but when they do go right the results can be truly sublime.

I make individually designed and hand-cut bowls, candleholders and other home decor items, as well as a range of pendants and other smaller pieces.


I draw inspiration from all over the place and find I am usually attracted to something primarily by colour or light or both. To give you an example, I once made a piece which was based on a moment when the late afternoon sun hit an ugly old sixties tower block, making it shimmer and look unexpectedly divine.

Best Seller:

In terms of volume my pendants are probably my bestsellers and this one is a good example of the kind of work I like to do. It’s from my ‘sunset’ design which I also incorporate into larger pieces.

We Make London:

As well as my usual dishes and pendants I am also making Christmas decorations and stocking fillers for the fair. I’ve recently branched out to include paper in some of my pieces and have made some lovely little fridge magnets based on vintage Chinese matchbox covers.


You can find out more on my website

I also have an etsy site

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