Oct 17, 2010

Blue Eyed Girl Designer Feature:

About Blue Eyed Girl:

Tina graduated in Jewellery and Product Design from the school of applied sciences in Düsseldorf, Germany. She has an absolute love and passion for jewellery and has a great feel for materials and colours, as well as for textiles. Tina lives in London and is the Designer Maker of “blue eyed girl”.

Her unique range of handmade designer jewellery often combines metal techniques and precious materials with textile components. She “tailors” precious and non precious jewellery with various materials and creates colourful and surprising designs. Her jewellery embodies a passion for detail and is a delight to wear.


My Collections are a matter of head and heart, and so my "blue eyed girl" designs aim to produce a smile on the face of the wearer! They are also timeless and are likely to become “favourite pieces”, connected with a certain thought, a concept, a memory or its own special story, every favourite piece can be a timeless and precious jewel. The name of my label is inspired by a nickname given to me by my grandfather, when I was a child. I really love to produce my own jewellery and I think every hand made piece is a little piece of your self that you give away with a smile.

We Make Christmas:

I will be bringing a selection of the necklaces below and more lovely handmade pieces

“Greetings from ...” stamp necklaces

Zip bracelets

Lace necklaces



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