Oct 30, 2010

Lok Ming Fung Designer Feature:


Lok Ming Fung is a ceramic designer maker who has always been fascinated and intrigued by texture.
A British born Chinese, she is constantly discovering and inspired by both cultures she grew up with as well as in other cultures. She also finds inspiration from Mother Nature and loves trawling through charity shops finding nostalgic items.

‘Oohhh…’ is a collection of boxes that was inspired by the Japanese Inro boxes and Russian dolls. With the elements of ‘hiding/wrapping’, enclose, open and surprise, all these elements contribute to the enjoyment of the revealing.

Best Sellers:

The ‘Oohhh...’ White with green box and the colourful jewellery are my best sellers. The decorations are hand applied making each piece unique and different!

We Make Christmas:

Buyers will find ceramic boxes and jewellery at We Make and the new range of porcelain jewellery.

Price ranges from as little as £12 to £150.

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