Oct 26, 2010

Just Noey Designer Feature:

About Just Noey:

My name is Parul Arora and I am a London based illustrator and designer with an extensive background in digital design and animation. In the past year I have branched out into designing ceramics, under the Just Noey name, to create a range of beautiful and unique tableware.

Food and the rituals surrounding it have always been an integral part of our social life but in adulthood they can often be portrayed as uptight affairs governed by many rules and regulations. With my work I want to put some playfulness back into dining! To make it more fun and a little less formal whilst still retaining a strong design aesthetic.


Inspiration for me comes from many places… From vintage shops to found objects on the roadside, film photography to postcard fairs all find a place in my studio and eventually in the pages of my sketchbooks. But the biggest inspiration of all for me is my love for food - to cook, eat and draw

Best Sellers:

Post-a-plates are unique Postcard Sushi Plates. The plates are created using my illustrations and vintage postcards that I have been collecting over the years.

We Make Christmas:

At We Make I'll be showcasing all my current lines of tableware including Post-a-plates, Alphabet dinner plates, My Cuppa Mugs, Polaroid coasters and also a brand new winter line that I've produced for this holiday season.




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