Oct 31, 2010

Mockinghorse Designer Feature:

About Mockinghorse:

I love creative and clever designs, especially in the form of something wearable. To me it’s an outlet of self-expression. In 2008 I decided to make the kind of accessories I wanted to wear but couldn’t find in stores. After promoting the business in stalls and markets around London, Mockinghorse launched officially in January 2010 and I’ve been delighted to discover that people love the designs as much as I do. A key part of the plan was also to create a business that wouldn’t have a heavy impact on the environment, so Mockinghorse uses recyclable packaging, recyclable acrylic, and we support local businesses by sourcing materials within the UK.


Often it is everyday things which offer the most intriguing and interesting shapes. I like to have fun with that by creating designs based on silhouettes. I take most inspiration from things I personally find great joy in – such as nature, travel, tea, and literature. Every day there is inspiration for more ideas!

Best Sellers:

Our signature piece is the London Skyline necklace. This is a favourite with most people because it’s original, fun, and effectively a wearable postcard.

Our newest best seller is our scissors necklace. There are a lot of creative people out there who make things with their own hands, and for them, this necklace seems to express that creativity. (These are now available from The Make Lounge craft school shop in north London!)

We Make Christmas:

We will be selling our entire range of acrylic necklaces and brooches, in our usual variety of colours.
We will also have a few limited-edition guitar brooches and necklaces, which are not available from our online store.

There will be something for almost everybody, and each item comes in its own individual box, and we will also be offering free Christmas gift wrapping!



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