Oct 2, 2010

close your eyes hold out your hand. Designer Feature:

Welcome to the first of our Designer features for our Christmas fair. Over the next two months we will introduce you to some of the amazing, talented designers that will be exhibiting at the fair.

About close your eyes hold out your hand. :

Like a lot of girls, I’m a bit of a magpie – show me something with an interesting texture, or in an unusual colour, or with a bit of sparkle, and I’m utterly hooked. And then, by happy accident I simultaneously discovered the ancient art of felt making one rainy weekend (that’s the texture and colour boxes ticked), and finally indulged in a long standing desire to learn how to work with silver (and that makes three!). And so close your eyes hold out your hand. was born, indulging me and my magpie tendencies.

I work from my studio at home in London, with Charlie the dachshund and Harriet and Emily the chickens for company and the odd biting critique (very hard to please, chickens).


Like my chickens, I’m hard to please when it comes to jewellery, so I suppose my inspiration and what pushes me forward is the desire to create things that take my own breath away.

Best Sellers:

I came up with this piece by happy accident about 4 months into making and selling jewellery. I was just playing about with some silver blanks and different colours of felt (my design process is a bit ad hoc, in contrast to the structure and rigour of contract management which is where I built my first career). This is the piece that triggered my eureka moment as a designer and crafter of jewellery. “Yes. This is what I’m all about. This is what I want other people to see of me.”

We Make Christmas:

I’m quite new to jewellery, so at the moment my pieces are evolving almost daily as I become more and more comfortable and adventurous with what I’m doing. I’m looking forward to showcasing the very best of my work at We Make Christmas, some new colour combinations, perhaps some new shapes and textures. I’m really excited by the thought of faces lighting up as close your eyes hold out your hand. pieces are unwrapped around the Christmas tree this year!



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