Oct 20, 2010

Promotional Opportunity - We Make Tote Goody Bags

This years Christmas event will be our biggest and best yet. This fair will be on the 4th December at Chelsea Town Hall on the Kings road in London. This is one of the most popular shopping streets in London and the hall itself is host to many regular vintage fashion and other world famous art events.

One of the things we have always had at our events are promotional totes bags which will be given out free at the door. We have been doing these since our first event in the summer of 2008 and they have always been a huge success with visitors. We are looking for UK based artists, crafters and designers who would like to send promotional items to go into these bags. Each screen printed cotton tote is filled with promotional items from both stall holders and other designers a long with information about all of our stall holders. They are a great way of getting your business known to a wide array of customers.

For this event we will have 80 totes but of course you are free to send any amount of promo items from 1 to 80. We only accept actual items for these totes not paper promotion such as leaflets or business cards. (Although its ok to make the quantity up with extra business cards)
We like our totes to be full of great items which show off UK handmade products . Less is more, we prefer quality over quantity.

For past events we have had all sorts of great promo items from the usual badges and postcards to more elaborate earrings and even knickers. We just ask that you send a great quality item that really give people a feel for your products. Of course make sure you attach a business card for each item as well as having a link to your site on the packaging.

If you would like to take part in this and would like more info and details on where to post your items contact us on the We Make email wemakelondon@googlemail.com and we will forward on all the information you will need to take part in this great opportunity

The deadline to send the promos is 16th November

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