Oct 29, 2010

Isamo Crochet Designer Feature:

About Isamo Crochet:

I am maker and designer of wearable crochet items, I learnt to knit and crochet from my grandmother and as well she planted in me the love to flowers. Garden, flowers, butterflies appear in my creations very often and I think that they are what keeps me working on new pieces with fresh mind all the time…


I love vintage pieces of lace, especially the very fine work, when I see them I try to think how this pattern would work in totally different design and fibre…

Best Sellers:

Very fine crochet earrings with vintage doily pattern

Short fingerless mittens with a flower, button or a bow

Lacy shawls made of very soft wool

We Make Christmas:

I have a little bit more of crocheted jewellery, something really new and exciting, but you can expect to find my usual items like slippers, mittens, shawls and berets


My very new website is here , ready and updated regularly, with special introductory offer free shipping worldwide


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