Oct 11, 2010

Make Industries Designer Feature:

About Make Industries:

I am an architect with years of experience in the building industry and years of experience
crafting! My fascination with cross stitch began when I had a serious back injury in 1996
and was confined to a spinal injuries unit for four months. To ease the boredom I started
cross stitching in occupational therapy and realised that the patterns available to stitchers
were mostly traditional and old fashioned. After a long rehabilitation Make Industries was
founded with the goal of creating up to date urban craft products which now sell online and
across London in shops including the Victoria & Albert Museum.


Make Industries is about creating products that bring craft up to date by drawing inspiration
from the built environment. Architecture tends to take itself too seriously and craft not seriously
enough! I like to poke fun at architecture and ook for beauty in everyday objects
such as shop signs and lego to inspire upcoming projects.

Best Sellers:

The Battersea Power Station kits are the most popular. This building seems to have a
strong resonance with many people. The iconic structure proves that buildings are made of
memories as well as brick, steel and glass.

We Make Christmas:

I am developing framed cross stitch kits with architectural quotes and ʻcity cushionsʼ for the
Christmas show. This will expand the product range beyond kits for those that donʼt have
the time or patience for cross stitching!



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