Oct 18, 2010

Superfumi Designer Feature:

About Superfumi:

You’ve heard of fashion-illustration, now get ready for illustration-fashion; Superfumi is illustration you can wear.

Superfumi is the brainchild of London-based illustrator Claudia Fumagalli. The label was born out of Claudia’s desire to transform her hand-drawn illustrations into something she and her friends could wear.

Today Superfumi is available to buy online and in boutiques up and down the country and Claudia’s illustrations can be worn and enjoyed by everyone.

The Enchanted Forest is Superfumi’s debut collection. It includes The Lazy Leopard, The Mysterious Owl, The Magical Unicorn and more. They all began life as original artwork by Claudia and are now lovingly re-imagined as covetable brooches, necklaces and pendants.

The range also includes pocket mirrors, notebooks and greetings cards. Each illustration is available in every piece across the range, allowing Superfumi fans to buy matching sets of their favourite designs.


Claudia’s illustrations are inspired by the world around us, childhood memories and magical stories. That’s why every illustration comes with its very own story. Take the Magical Unicorn in the Enchanted Forest collection. “In a faraway enchanted land, in the middle of the forest lays the magical unicorn. Beautiful, elusive, mysterious and surrounded by colourful flowers, the unicorn evokes magic, hope and teenage dreams”.

Best Sellers:

The Enchanted Forest pendants have all been incredibly popular, especially the Lazy Leopard which has even had his very own appearance in Heat Magazine!

We Make Christmas:

At We Make Christmas expect to find a very colorful Superfumi stall! Along with our signature pendants, pocket mirrors, greeting cards and notebooks we are going to show our brand new brooches collection and a limited range of art prints featuring the Enchanted forest illustrations. We also have a supercute range of Christmas Cards in the pipeline,which we will be excited to unveil at We Make!


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julietk said...

That is a great idea, delightful illustrations too. I wish Claudia every success.

superfumi said...

Thank you julietk, hope to see you at We Make! Lovelove, Claudia x