Oct 19, 2010

Pixielated Designer Feature:

About Pixielated:

I am a Theatre Design graduate who (after a brief flirtation with stitching costumes and dressing actors) now works in advertising. I started making bits and bobs to amuse myself in late 2009 and then after friends and family showed interest in buying them for Christmas presents, I got inspired to create pixielated in early 2010. I taught myself to crochet via online tutorials and created patterns from ideas that often came to me in lovely daydreams on the bus to work!


I love making pixielated products and seeing people have a giggle with them! I think my designs are great fun and everyone feels at least 45% cuter when dressed as a kitten (it's scientific fact!). pixielated is designed to be original and bright and colourful, to make you smile and to make you that little bit different!

Best Sellers:

My best seller is definately the Panda Bear Ears (followed closely by Bling Bling Chains). Who doesn't love Pandas?

We Make Christmas:

Visitors to We Make Christmas can expect Giant Bling Bling Chains, Bling Bling Arm Candy, lots of Bear and Kitten Ears (for all ages!) and Scrumptious Christmas Pudding Tea & Egg Cozies!

My Sites:

I love writing my crafty blog so if you'd like to read it, that would be brilliant:


and my etsy shop can be found at:


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