Jun 20, 2010

Picciolo Designer Feature:

About Picciolo:

All Picciolo items are produced by me - a London-based designer who isn't very good at sitting still and doing nothing. I love sewing and creating and all my items are handmade using quality materials and lots of care and attention to detail. I make an ever-expanding range of useful and stylish handmade items for yourself and the home, including: pouches/purses, original artwork, prints, cards, keyrings, homes for pins, notebooks, fabric boxes, bags and home decorations. I have also just launched a new line of necklaces which is an exciting new direction for picciolo.


A lot of my inspiration comes from nature, with imagery based around leaves, trees and birds. I love combining different materials and creating new products that are both useful and special.

Best Sellers:

My fabric boxes and pouches/purses are my bestsellers, both items come in a w
ide range of colours and include my signature designs.

We Make Summer Fair:

A wide range of the items listed above will be available at the fair, including the full selection of new design necklaces. New items are always under development so be sure to stop by and see what’s new!

Orders can also be placed for custom items such as my fabric boxes, where you will be able to see first hand the full range of colours available and choose from countless combinations to then have a unique item created for you.

I will be having various special offers running at the fair, see my blog (http://www.picciolo-picciolo.blogspot.com) for more details in the run-up to the day.

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