Jun 2, 2010

Natasha Salkey Designer Feature:

About Natasha Salkey:

I grew up in a small Black Sea resort town in Ukraine, but for the past 15 years have been living in London.

I always loved making/customising things, objects, clothes, jewellery. One day I actually decided to do something about it and signed up to a course in jewellery design at Kensington and Chelsea College. There I was fortunate to study for 2 years under the incredibly talented and inspiring jeweller Kelvin Birk.

Since I took up jewellery it has literary taken over my life and become my greatest passion. For me designing and making jewellery is a natural gateway to happiness.


Rather than relying solely on visual cues for my inspiration I tend to draw on sources such as literature, music, scents and the emotional response these stimuli provoke. I am a great romantic at heart and a few of my collections reflect that.

I see my work as contemporary and fashionable, with a touch of urban sophistication to reflect my world. I love to combine precious metals with semi-precious stones to vividly bring colour and spice to my pieces. Most importantly, I want my jewellery to be not just an adornment or decoration, but to evoke the senses of the wearer as a favourite scent or silken lingerie would, radiating that special feeling from the inside, out.

I believe that each piece of jewellery should have a special connection with the wearer and mean something to them; this could be achieved by the customised and bespoke pieces.

Best Sellers:

I don’t have a signature piece as such, however I am known for my bees and pearly pea silver pods which have been constant favourites. Each one of them is unique, fun and easy to wear no matter what age you are.

We Make Summer Fair:

At We Make Summer Fair my table will be buzzing with diamond backed bees, draped with pearly peas and “Kupala” flowers plus many one-off pieces. I also will be unveiling my new sub collection inspired and dedicated to Alice of “Through the Looking Glass”.


To get an idea of what to expect come and visit me at

www.natashasalkey.com or www.stashjewellery1.etsy.com

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