Jun 21, 2010

Natalie Nicklin Designer Feature:

About Natalie Nicklin:

I am a designer/illustrator/artist/none of/ all of above. My work lies somewehre between these disiplins within the blurred boundaries between art, design and simply making things.

I make screen prints, collages, digital illustrations and paintings. Design logos, fonts and t-shirts; take photographs with various knackered old cameras and my shiny SLR. A lot of my work uses found images and analog photography but I'm almost as likely to draw, scrawl or use digital sources. My interests lie in the old and the new, the broken and the fixed, the future and the past. But mainly an old broken future that exists only in arcane archives or people's unreliable memories.


Space, geometric patterns, visions of the future, music, forgotten lost places, trees, the past as it is now, as it will be and as it never was, science, colours, paper, mountains, forests, concrete, British new town, skyscrapers, broken stuff and things I don't understand.

Best Sellers:

I'm pretty happy about "Reflection"which has recently been selected to be included in a collection curated by urban outfitters and sold via their print shop. Appartment Therapy selected it as one of their favourite piece in the collection.

We Make Summer Fair:

I will be selling limted edition prints and screen prints and some one off, very limited screen printed t-shirts that will be unique to the Summer Fair.



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