Jun 12, 2010

Made By Jade Designer Feature:

About Made By Jade:

I am a jewellery designer-maker, I have been making for around six years now. I began selling my work in a small gallery in Bath, whilst studying for my BA (Hons) in Creative Arts. Since then, my designs have developed and have been selling in a selection of shops and galleries in the South West of England and also for one year in a gallery in Barcelona. I am now living and working in London and making jewellery as often as possible.


I am mostly inspired by fabrics. I have a vast collection of printed cottons, which I constantly draw inspiration from. I also enjoy the recycling aspect of my work, turning something that is going unused back into something precious. A large quantity of the collectable items that I use, have been gathered from car boot sales and charity shops.

Best Sellers:

I could not name a best seller, as each piece that I make is unique.

We Make Summer Fair:

Customers will expect to see an array of necklaces and earrings, made from both new and recycled fabrics, in a variety of colours and prints. These fabric pieces are usually machine sewn and placed alongside collectables such as freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones, glass beads and recycled watch mechanisms.

You’re Sites: www.jadeogdenjewellery.blogspot.com

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