Jun 22, 2010

Share The Feeling:

Only a few days left untill the fair and everyone is getting excited.

The Girls at Share the Feeling are looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing with you there fantastic work.

Share the Feeling.co.uk is a happy little enterprise based in Hackney, East London. Owner Angie employs 4 local ladies with learning disabilities and together they make a range of Little Gifts with a big impact.

This is the girls’ first craft fair and they are really excited about launching lots of new products at We Make London. In addition to their range of ©Little Gifts of Feeling – colourful bags filled with symbolic ingredients to make you feel happy / strong / loved.... - the girls will be selling handmade lavender hearts, gorgeous retro bunting, wheatie bags (like a hot water bottle, but with wheat instead!) and, especially for fellow crafters, vintage pin cushions.

Doris, Lindy and Sylvia will be at the stall with Angie & Magda and they look forward to meeting you and showing you what they can do. See you on Saturday!

P.S. They’ve been writing their own blog about their preparations for We Make. Find it here:


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