Jun 3, 2010

Share The Feeling Designer Feature:

About Share The Feeling:

Share the Feeling is a happy little enterprise based in Hackney, East London. We employ local people with learning disabilities – The Chain Gang – who use their skills and talents in making a range of ©Little Gifts to make people smile. Colourful, handmade cotton bags are filled with special ingredients like: erasers – to erase all your worries, coins – so you’ll never be broke, marbles – in case you lose yours, smiles and chocolate kisses. The ingredients are symbolic of the different feelings in the range, which includes Happiness, Love, Luck, Strength, Friendship, Thanks and more... They’re Little Gifts with a BIG impact and perfect for when a greeting card just won’t do.


We want to show that you can run a successful, profitable business employing people with learning disability and that their talent and skills add value to the product. The Chain Gang aims to make the world a better place, one ©Little Gift at a time. They inspire everything we make and do.

Best Sellers:

Our ©Little Gift of Happiness is our best seller and contains:
An eraser – to erase all your worries
A coin – so you’ll never be broke
A marble – in case you lose yours
A piece of string – to tie things together when they fall apart
A smile – for obvious reasons
A kiss – coz somebody loves you
All our ©Little Gifts are fully customisable and they go down a treat as quirky favours / placecards at weddings and events too.

We Make Summer Fair:

We’ll be selling our full range of ©Little Gifts of Feeling at the We Make Summer Fair as well as our lovely retro bunting and brand new lavender hearts. We’re also hard at work making brand new floral and Liberty print bags (pictured) that we’ll launch at We Make. Bring it on!





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