Jun 16, 2010

Crumpet and skirt Designer Feature:

About Crumpet and Skirt:

Crumpet & Skirt is a new gift and homeware range for the discerning pin-up devotee.

Designed by London-based Elizabeth Pinnock, the products showcase images of saucy 50s ladies, tastefully attired in vintage undies and assuming a range of coquettish poses.

Elizabeth is inspired by the fabulous sexiness of pin-up girls, and uses them in simple designs that showcase the images in the best possible way. Elizabeth is constantly playing with new ideas for products that are both civilised and saucy so that there’s no need to hide them when Granny comes for Tea…


With a love for all things vintage, quirky and fun Crumpet & Skirt came out of a personal desire to produce high quality products like in the old days.

Best Sellers:

Crumpet & Skirt’s ethos is to be goal to be always cheeky but never rude. This is perfectly demonstrated by the collection of Peek-a-Boo mugs. Virginal white bone china on the outside, but tip them up for a slurp of tea and inside is a rather alluring 'Tease Maid'. Guaranteed to raise a smile with your morning brew!

We Make Summer Fair:

The unique (I’m certain that there isn’t an equivalent out there) nature of the wrapping paper make it fantastic choice for wrapping presents in an unusual and witty way. Since being featured in The Sunday Times Style magazine it has become one of my most popular products.

Complimenting the wrapping paper I have a collection of greetings cards which will grace any mantelpiece with a little bit of fun and cheek.

With a number of new products in the development I am hoping to be able to launch some of them at We Make London.



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Becky said...

This is my boyfriends birthday sorted!
Those peek a boo cups are brilliant!