Jun 1, 2010

Love From Hetty and Dave Designer Feature:

About Love From Hetty and Dave:

Born on the South Coast of England in the late seventies, and raised on a diet of sequins, buttons, ribbons and thread, it was inevitable that designer, Zoe Larkins would develop her first crush on a Singer...

Having graduated in Silver Smithing at Kent Institute of Art & Design in 2001, Zoe was soon drawn to the more tactile qualities of leather & textiles, and began stitching heavily appliqued handbags. Through trial and error, and some literal market research at Portobello and Spitalfields Markets, the designs were gradually scaled down, and Zoe was back to her jewellery design roots, but with a textile twist.


Heavily inspired by Mexican Arts and Crafts and Kitsch, as well as current trends, Love From Hetty & Dave is easily recognised by the painstakingly handstitched designs, bright colours, and more importantly, a sense of humour.

Seaside living along with frequent London forays, have played a strong part of the current nautical and London tourist inspired collections.

Best Sellers:

The personalised leather heart brooch, is what Love From Hetty & Dave is associated with, after having Amy Winehouse sport a specially made BLAKE heart in her beehive.

We Make Summer Fair:

Buyers will expect to see the full nautical collection at the Summer Fair, alongside some limited edition applique leather clutch purses, and the ever popular head bands, which have proved to be a stylish alternative to the fascinator.



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Anonymous said...

This are the best handcraft I saw in London. The most original and beautifull stuff I 've ever seen.

Brilliant !!