May 25, 2010

Alice Gabb Designer Feature:

About Alice Gabb:

Alice is a graduate of Graphic Design at Bath School of Art and Design. Her work is inspired by her playful love of the English language, British regalia and vintage curiosities, drawing much influence from old typography and packaging design.

She particularly loves making things out of reclaimed textiles and antique papers, using things that already have a story, and giving things a new use, in a new context.

Her chosen medium is often monoprinting, preferring the unique, naive line and personal touch of hand printing. Her work has been exhibited at the Dray Walk Gallery, Brick Lane, the KK Outlet in Hoxton Square and Brighton Art Fair.


Encouraging long lost habits such as the art of writing letters, and the challenge and beauty of reusing textiles instead of buying new. I am always inspired by vintage textiles and packaging…oh and my small obsession with royal memorabilia.

Best Sellers:

My Royal Creatures hand printed writing paper which is double sided so that it folds into its own envelope.

We Make Summer Fair:

Handprinted letters and envelopes and all manner of stationery to inspire you to pick up a pen. Also appearing will be my trusty range of tweed bears, made from the finest vintage textiles and hand embroidered.

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