May 13, 2010

Stabo Designer Feature:

About Stabo:

Stabo is a partnership between Ed Benn and Ros Hathorn. Self taught we design and make our own products. We make a diverse range of products but screen printing and leather crop up quite frequently in our work.

Each year we add new products to the range and incorporate new techniques. Last year we bought an embossing machine, so we hope to really get to grips with that this year and do some great embossed products.


We regularly sell at markets. I find that standing on a stall all day watching people, what they do, what they wear, what they use, how they want their lives to function and what they say to us is a great way to come up with new products and new ideas. We have a folder where we write down all our new image ideas and then every few months we sit down decide on our favourites and get cracking with them.

Best Sellers:

At the moment our phone holders are really popular. They fit an iphone but will also a fit a wide range of other phones and some cameras


We Make Summer Fair:

As always we will probably bring far too much stuff for our space but there will be lots of small accessories as well as clothing and bags.


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