May 23, 2010

Custom Made Designer Feature:

About Custom Made :

My name is Anna Butler, I design and make accessories for my label Custom Made. My background is fashion. I did a degree in Fashion design, then worked as a menswear designer for six years. That’s what I thought I would do for the long term but I got very bored and uninspired so decided to leave and start my own business, Custom Made. I really wanted to do something anti mass production and kind of fell into the UK crafter scene! Initially the label started as a bag label but the range grew to where it is today with bags, purses and jewellery. I love what I do and would never go back. Every day is different and it’s an inspiring way to work, sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work!


The way mass market shopping is now saddens me. Primark saddens me. Someone somewhere is paying the price for cheap clothing (even if it isn’t you) and I think a lot of people don’t care about the way cheap things are made. So my inspiration is to make nice things in a cottage industry type of way. Pretty bright happy things that make people smile, yeah that about sums Custom Made up!

Best Sellers:

My best selling pieces are the new acrylic lazer cut items recently added to the range. I am so happy they are selling well. They seem to raise quite a smile with customers!

We Make Summer Fair:

Well, there is the new acrylic lazer cut items added recently to the range. We also have lots of new floral jewellery. But as we try to add new items to the range every couple of weeks by the time the fair comes around we will have lots of new bits! Keep your eye on the site!


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