May 29, 2010

Katie Viggers Designer Feature:

About Katie Viggers:

I'm a children's book illustrator and mono print obsessive. All my work starts off a black and white mono print, sometimes it stays like this and some times I play around with it on the computer. I only really draw animals and generally get obsessed with one animal at a time.


I love to create prints that make me laugh or tell a story. I'm a big fan of Hockney, Sara Fanelli, Judith Kerr and bears. I like to create child friendly illustrations that have a certain amount of sophistication and humour.

Best Sellers:

My bears work seem to be the most popular, particularly this one which is the opening spread to a new picture book I'm working on about bears. It's available as a card, a big print or a mug

We Make Summer Fair:

At We Make Summer I will be selling, original mono prints, limited edition prints, cards, bear mugs (maybe some others too) and my new alphabet prints


I have a website and my work is available to buy on etsy

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