May 21, 2010

Almost Edible Designer Feature:

About Almost Edible:

My world of creating almost edible body products was a place I disappeared to when my life as I knew it was put in fast forward mode and everything that I once knew was no more.

I lost my self in the never ending possibilities of what I could make.With such an array of essential oils, fragrances & botanicals my journey had just begun!

I was finally able to put my artistic and creative self into something functional.

With each product I make I do it with a smile in my heart with the hope to make yours smile too!


I want to create products that are luxurious yet essential to help ease the stresses thrown at us in our lives daily

My inspirations are...

THAT smell that gives you THOSE butterflies... Cupcakes...vintage ribbon...cherry blossom...Candy...lollipops...

English gardens....The need for that all important me time...Things you long to have but dont need.

Best Sellers:

Fizzing bath muffins are loved by all-some of which are 100% natural. I also run Bath muffin makin' workshops amongst many other workshops which also go down a treat!

We Make Summer Fair:

I will be re-launching a favourite soap-Raspberry surprise, made with the scent of juicy raspberries & essential oils of Grapefruit. As well as body souffles & scrubs!


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dumpling said...

Perfect for displaying in the bathroom also. Its refreshing to see such nice personnel touches.