May 27, 2010

Cariad Cake Stands Designer Feature:

About Cariad Cake Stands:

Cariad Cake Stands are unique tiered stands made from a handpicked combination of vintage china and old wine and sherry glasses. Cariad (Welsh for “love”) started with some mismatch vintage china spotted in Paris and took off from there. Bringing a bit of glamour to afternoon tea or as a beautiful centerpiece to wedding tables, the stands are now sold at local markets in and around North London. I collect the china on my travels, from trips around London markets on Pierre (my beloved old French racing bike) or the flea markets in Paris.


I’ve always been a big fan of cakes, baking and afternoon tea so Cariad combines this with my love of vintage china. I love the thought of them finding happy homes and providing someone with an excuse to bake some cakes. I began selling them as a way to put myself through university, which I start in September, but going to the independent craft markets and sourcing the materials has now become a huge part of my life which is a good creative outlet outside of my job and studies.

Best Sellers:

Every piece I make is individual, and depends on which plates and glasses find themselves in the big pile ready to be made into a pretty cake stand. However the stands that elicit the most attention are any of those with a gold or blue theme. See image below, which is a selection of some stands that all sold immediately.

We Make Summer Fair:

I have a trip to Paris scheduled for a month before the Summer Fair to ensure I can get the prettiest plates and will be selling a number of cake stands, from single tiered stands to the traditional three tiered . I will focus on the floral themed stands, as these always do well in the summer months. There will be free delivery for customers within zones 1 and 2.

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Beautiful! Makes me want to get baking.