May 6, 2010

Hatastic Designer Feature:

Jigsaw Headpice by Hatastic! from the

Recreation collection shown at Alternative Fashion Week 2010

About Hatastic:

Since winning the Clothes Show Designer of the Year award when Chloƫ was only 15, she has always had the belief that anything is possible.

Never more so than when you look at the work she produces in her label Hatastic!

She is inspired by the unused and discarded and enjoys a challenge, and strives to make the impossible possible.

Hatastic! is an eclectic (though some press call ‘Electric’) collection of handmade hats, headpieces and hair accessories made from vintage and the secondhand to make pieces that little bit more unique than your average headpiece you’d find on the high street.

Hatastic! debut on the catwalk at Alternative Fashion Week this year, and the collection was called ‘Recreation’ (as in play) and the 10 pieces were made from old games – The Times featured two of her pieces and said ‘The five day event provides a stage for some of the worlds most exciting designers’. High praise indeed!

ChloĆ« describes her pieces as ‘Elegant, witty and timeless - everything a hat (and a woman) should be!’


Hatastic! was launched in March 2009 purely because I felt there was a gap in the market for a headpiece that didn’t include feathers but that was still elegant and unusual.

My inspiration comes from the greats such as Vivienne Westwood, Gaudi and of course Stephen Jones.

Best Sellers:

Currently my bridal range is getting very busy, and I have lots of brides keen to have vintage fabrics, or at least a vintage feel to their headpieces. However, when I am at fairs, my vintage fabric bow hairbands are very popular and my leather bow hairclips (in a variety of colours) never seem to lose their desirablility.

We Make Summer Fair:

What will buyers to expect to see at the Summer Fair: what kind of items you will be selling? Are you making anything special/exclusive that you would like to mention? Include any images you have.

My Limited Edition Diamante Domino Hairclips are going down a storm – I just hope there will be some left for We Make! But I will be selling some Limited Edition Diamante Dice Hairclips also –


y exclusive again as I only managed to get a few in my purchase. Very different and very cute!


I currently am resident at where you can purchase and also get updates on what fairs I am doing in the near future and any other news, press related or otherwise. I will be launching a website soon – watch this space!

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