May 8, 2010

Dainty Pretty Things Designer Feature:

About Dainty Pretty Things:

My whole day involves jewellery in some sort of form. By day I work for a company that makes wedding rings and other jewellery in precious metals like Platinum, gold, silver, diamonds and gemstones. By night I work on my own range mainly sterling silver and gemstones or gold/silver plated and funky beads and components. I am also one of the main organisers behind We Make. So you could say more or less my whole life is commited to handmade.


I like pretty things and this is definitely expressed in my jewellery. I am inspired by the beauty of nature, things like flowers, leaves, feathers. I am also inspired by pretty shapes like hearts, bows, stars.

Best Sellers:

My best sellers are definitely my hammered silver jewellery. People like the way they subtly sparkle. I have a range that I sell through my site and have also made special commissions of things like bangles, pendants, platinum wedding rings.
Also my abalone shell earrings have sold well. The natural colours and texture of the shell is amazing.

We Make Summer Fair:

I will have my current range of jewellery plus some new sterling silver pieces and summer new designs for summer.


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Irene Strange said...

Love the shell earrings - beautiful!