May 22, 2010

Cecily Vessey Designer Feature:

About Cecily Vessey:

I’m 22 and I graduated last summer. I have since then been working to comission and doing various market stalls and events. I have lived in London for five years before that living in Oxford and on a farm in the north of England. Buildings, how they interact with one another and the spaces that they create for people to live, work, play and study in have always been an integral part of my work.

All of my drawings come from the observation of bulidings - it is not just one architectural type that catches my eye, but the combination of the many different types in each of the individual areas of a city. I use the lines and the particular details that engage my attention to create drawings that have both a graphic sense and a wonky charm.

Best Sellers:

Six card mix - one of each of my building drawings in a variety of colours.Great for a thank you letter or for when you want to send a special note.

London Egg Cup - It fits in with any kitchen decor, and is a great little present. Who doesn’t love a bolied egg and soldiers?!

We Make Summer Fair:

I will be selling, notecards and notebooks, first edition prints, ceramics - including egg cups and mugs, screen printed tea towels and tote bags.

Websites: (full website and U.K. purchases) (selection of best selling products, international purchases)

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