Jun 19, 2011

Anna Wiscombe Designer Feature:

About Anna Wiscombe:

What did you start doing what you do?
My mum asked me to make her some hanging birds for her garden and once these were finished and happily perched in the trees at home I started working on drawings for other bird inspired products!  I found that birds were great characters to draw and design and by working with wood I could incorporate my love of natural materials with colour, pattern and decorative little details!

How long have you been doing what you do?
I’ve been working and developing wooden products for the last 2 years but have always loved craft and have been making things in various ways since I was small!

What else they you like to do?
I love drawing and am always producing designs and images using pencil crayons.  I also love using collage and paper cut outs so friends are always getting home made cards with cute colourful paper pictures!

What is your ultimate goal for your business?
My ultimate goal is to have my work stocked in some of the most imaginative and creative craft shops - like Anthropologie in London!  I would also love to have a shop/studio space that I could work from but also display and sell all my products in!

If you could make something for a famous person who and what would it be....? 
I’d love to make a big, colourful, ornamental bird piece for Isabelle Allende as she’s one of my favourite authors and I never get tired of reading her wonderful stories.


I love to travel and am always inspired by the ways that different people and cultures use pattern and colour in the crafts that they produce.  I always come back from trips away with loads of new ideas!

 Best Sellers:

Coconuco is my signature piece as it’s cute and colourful with lots of decorative details!

We Make Summer Boutique:
Show us your top three sellers that will be at the shop

Wooden brooches – fun designs handcrafted from oak with colourful markings.

Pebble necklace – stylish necklaces handcrafted using oak pieces and leather cord.

Hoot Hoot chalkboard – cute hoot the owl, perfect for little notes and reminders!  


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