Jun 22, 2011

Mrs Eliot Books Designer Feature:

About Mrs Eliot Books:

Why did you start doing what you do? I had all these creative ideas and projects and nowhere to channel them. Before etsy etc is was very hard to get random work out there as an unknown. I made my first wooden book because though I love artist’s books, so many of them end up closed on shelves and I wanted mine to be solid and able to sit on a shelf so they could be visible all the time. Then I found etsy. Hoorah! After my second was born it was easier to concentrate mainly on prints and cards, so they are my main products at the moment.

Why did you choose your business name? It comes from The Middle Age of Mrs Eliot, a book by Angus Wilson that I used in college to tear sentences and words out of and make illustrations. I continue to use it today and since my first products were my little wooden books, I named them ‘mrs eliot’ books.

How long have you been doing what you do? I think I started my original etsy shop birdie1973 in 2006 but I have always been creative, and doing some project or other.

What else do you like to do? Walk in the woods, the cinema, travelling, collecting, art exhibitions, vintage sales, train journeys, photo projects.

What is your ultimate goal for your business? I’m caught between being very happy as I am, having exactly the right amount of work to keep my stress levels in check. To wanting my patterns and designs on lots of different products and being more of an Ella Doran or a Donna Wilson.

If you could make something for a famous person who and what would it be....?  I would make Woody Allen a case for his glasses. Although I’m not sure he ever takes them off.

Shape is my biggest inspiration. I can notice a shape out of the corner of my eye and get a whole project out of it. This can also happen with a colour palette or a sentence. I’m a bit of a sponge like that!

Best Sellers:

At the moment my Modernist Card Sets are doing very well. I’m inspired by Mid-century shapes, ceramics and whatnot so I loved putting these shapes together. I also use a lot of layering and texture in my work and these illustrate both. I’ve got some woodgrain in there and my favourite tweed is a texture on one of the pots. I also love designing patterns, so I have included patterned envelope inserts, which make these cards extra special.

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Pencil Heart Concertina card

Abacus A3 print

Bell pig cup little wooden book

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