Jun 13, 2011

Charlotte Macey Textiles Designer Feature:

About Charlotte Macey Textiles:

When did you start doing what you do?

I began Charlotte Macey Textiles just over a year ago; I was working in my local chocolate shop at the time and wasn’t getting to be as creative as I would’ve liked. My first tea towel and egg cosy were sampled and made during the evenings after work, as I experimented with ideas and decided that I wanted to design and produce my own range of homewares.

Why did you choose your business name?

Well it’s not exactly original but it does sum up exactly what I do! I decided that if I chose something slightly quirkier that I might not have liked it after a while, so I thought it best to keep it simple and to the point!

How long have you been doing what you do?

Just over a year now.

What else do you like to do?

I love shopping, swimming, reading, and all sorts; it’s just finding the time to squeeze these in that’s the trouble!

What is your ultimate goal for your business?

I want Charlotte Macey Textiles to expand in the future and to be stocked in even more lovely shops around the UK and further afield. Ultimately I want to continue to design and make things that I love.

If you could make something for a famous person who and what would it be? 

Probably a bag for Kate Middleton to parade around, that would be pretty exciting!


I find inspiration in the ‘everyday’ and the things around me, from trips to the seaside, to the countryside where I live. I love to stitch the things I see, and have designed and developed my range in my studio, with the help of lots of tea and biscuits!

Best Sellers:

My best seller is probably my wine glasses range, which includes aprons, napkins and tea towels. Since I launched this design it has been continually popular, which has been fantastic. It depicts my design style really well, using a scrap of floral linen and showing a long, skinny-stemmed glass.


We Make Summer Boutique:

Show us your top three sellers that will be at the shop:

Mr & Mrs egg cosies  

Linen ‘ten green bottles’ tea towel

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