Jun 23, 2011

Red Ric Rac Designer Feature:

About Red Ric Rac:

Why did you start doing what you do?
We started Red-Ric-Rac as we had collected so many pretty fabrics over the years and wanted to share their beautiful prints with other people.  We were tired of the mass produced market with its huge carbon footprint and low green credentials. We realised people had a love of Vintage prints, so why not produce beautifully handmade accessories out of Vintage fabrics for them that are made here in England.  We wanted to show people how chic and pretty recycling can be!  

Why did you chose your business name? 
Red-Ric-Rac comes from memories of when we were little with dancing skirts with Red coloured Ric-Rac on them.  It’s a very vintage trim.

How long have you been doing what you do?
Red-Ric-Rac has been in business since November 2009. 

What else they you like to do?
Rachel is an actress and Leah works in the Fashion Buying world.  We like old films, reading piles of books, baking cupcakes, bread and biscuits and growing our own vegetables.  Oh, and sewing of course!

What is your ultimate goal for your business?
To just get people enjoying Vintage fabrics in their everyday lives. We plan to launch our own designed Vintage inspired afternoon tea sets in the next year, based on prints we adore.

If you could make something for a famous person who and what would it be…?
One of our new Miss Primrose for Kirsty Allsopp as she’d appreciate the handmade Vintageness and a Miss BB Clutch from a Vintage silk scarf for Livia Firth, another style icon and absolute eco inspiration!

Our inspiration is from our Grandmothers ‘Make Do and Mend’ ethos.   Our little grandma taught us to make the ‘Miss Sew And Sew’ needle cases.  We are also inspired by: the vintage dresses we collect and wear, flower gardens, button boxes, Barbara from ‘The Good Life’ and each other! 

 Best Sellers:

We don’t really have one signature piece or bestseller.  People seem to just love all the products and we are always amazed at home what we sell varies from fair to fair and shop to shop!
Our new favourite piece is the Miss Primrose bag and that’s so brand spanking new it will be making its London debut at We Make London!  No photo yet as it’s under top secret wraps!  But we promise you will adore it and have to have one!

We Make Summer Boutique:

The top 3 products we are going to have at the Summer Boutique are:

Miss Primrose bag

Miss BB Clutch    

Miss Lola Sunglasses case/purse


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