Jun 16, 2011

Custom Made Designer Feature:

About Custom Made:

What did you start doing what you do?
I had been working as a menswear designer for the high street and had become very bored with my job. I knew I wanted to leave but didn’t want to get another job doing the same thing so I left and started planning Custom Made.

Why did you chose your business name?
I wanted the name to reflect the handmade nature of my business so chose Custom Made, plus it looks nice written down!

How long have you been doing what you do?
I started mid 2004 so nearly 7 years

What else they you like to do?
My favourite thing is reading. I love reading, I am a massive book worm, sometimes I read 3 or 4 books at a time.

What is your ultimate goal for your business?
To keep having ideas. That’s number 1 for sure! And keep making things people like to buy.


The way mass market shopping is now saddens me. Primark saddens me. Someone somewhere is paying the price for cheap clothing (even if it isn’t you) and I think a lot of people don’t care about the way cheap things are made. So my inspiration is to make nice things in a cottage industry type of way. Pretty bright happy things that make people smile, yeah that about sums Custom Made up!

 Best Sellers:

My best seller right now is the Fantastic Fox necklace. I guess people like foxes and he is rather cute!

We Make Summer Boutique:
Show us your top three sellers that will be at the shop





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