Jun 20, 2011

Sweet View Designer Feature:

About Sweet View:

What did you start doing what you do?

Jack has several sketchbook diaries filled with doodles of his surroundings. We realised that some of these sketches were actually quite lovely drawings of little slices of London. 
One sketch - a Trafalgar Square panorama - he coloured and we had framed for our kitchen. This became the basis for the Westminster print and the starting point for the whole project.

We love London and particularly our own little corner of Lambeth and knew others were affectionate for their local area too. We felt we could offer them affordable artwork that was unique, non-cliched and would allow them to display that affection on the walls of their homes.
Why did you chose your business name?

Our pictures are sweet, intimate drawings of local areas in London so Sweet View seemed appropriate. And Jack loves puns.

How long have you been doing what you do?

We set Sweet View up in November 2010.

What else they you like to do?

Jack is a children’s book designer and Charlotte works in publishing. We like to cycle through the city at night and play chess in cafes (though we’ve actually only done it once).
What is your ultimate goal for your business?
We hope to have the full set of 12 prints - one for each inner London borough - by the  end of 2012. After that we there’s outer London, European cities and the rest of the world to document. We also might take some private commissions.


Sweet View is born out of a true love for London. The city inspires great warmth and loyalty in its inhabitants and that is why our prints have been well received. London is exciting and varied and personal and grand and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. (Except maybe Madrid. Or New York.)

Best Sellers:

Our bestselling print is Southwark. Jack drew it one busy Saturday afternoon at Borough market. He was sitting on the bench outside Monmouth Coffee that the pigeons like to cluster above. He got hit by bird poo twice whilst he was there. We like the way the skeleton of the burgeoning Shard in the background ties it to a specific time.
Southwark image – attached.

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