Jun 25, 2011

Just Noey Designer Feature:

About Just Noey:

What did you start doing what you do?

My name is Parul Arora and I'm an illustrator and designer. Using ceramics as my canvas I love to combine design, typography, illustration, patterns, photography to tell a new story.  With my work I want to put some playfulness back into dining! To make it more fun and a little less formal whilst still retaining a strong design aesthetic.

Why did you chose your business name?

My middle is Noelle and so Just Noey is just that.. me… 

How long have you been doing what you do?

I started Just Noey in 2009.

What else they you like to do?

I am obsessed with analog photography and love to take my many film cameras out and love to go for around London capturing the unexpected. 

What is your ultimate goal for your business?

I want Just Noey to be the ultimate life style brand that is fun, quirky and creates unique pieces that everyone would love to own.

If you could make something for a famous person who and what would it be....?

I know Oprah is a massive foodie like me so I'd love to create a personalised alphabet plate with her favourite food!


Anything or anywhere can inspire me and trigger ideas so I'm always prepared. I never leave the house without my cameras and my sketchbook. My cat's antics, museums, vintage shops, ephemera fairs, walking around London, found objects all have had their light bulb moments.
Best Sellers:

Polaroid Ceramic Coasters: Fun Polaroid ceramic coaster is created using my original photography shot with analog cameras.

Alphabet Dinner Plates: A collection of personalised dinner plates showing hand illustrated typography that I have created drawing different food types corresponding to each Alphabet.
Post-a-plates: Inspired by travelling and my love for collecting stamps & postcards Post-a-plate are Postcard sushi plates designed using my original illustrations and vintage postcards.

We Make Summer Boutique:

Show us your top three sellers that will be at the shop

Polaroid Coasters


Alphabet Plates


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