Jun 18, 2011

Glazed and Confused Designer Feature:

About Glazed and Confused Ceramics:

I am an Artist who after graduating in sculpture from Saint Martins College, continues to make work from my studio in east London. My route into ceramics has been a gradual one but for the last few years it has been gaining momentum. The tipping point happened in the pursuit of 'growing' light bulbs. I began using porcelain paper clay to hand build glass-like forms. Following this, I then made a set of work that resulted in a tea service decorated with drawings of bacteria and other medical imagery, influenced by my working in a hospital. I make both functional and non-functional ceramics and have been working under the moniker ‘Glazed and Confused Ceramics’ since 2008.

The designs on the teacups and other ceramics are based on sketchbook drawings mostly based on urban wildlife, for example the pigeons that live opposite me. Both of my parents worked in the zoo while I was growing up and I suppose their appreciation and curiosity for the natural world rubbed off. I love Junk shops; car boots and flea markets and can spend hours finding vintage fabrics, teacups and other home furnishings to use as an initial idea.

Best Sellers:

The most popular design is “Cockney Sparrow” as an alternative to the usual rural-themed patterns that appear on traditional blue and white porcelain, it depicts London’s urban wildlife.

We Make Summer Boutique:

At the pop-up shop I will have a range of things including the ‘exquisite Corpse’ stackable teacups. My design repertoire is eclectic so for a quirky, contemporary twist on traditional porcelain tea sets, check it out!



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