Jun 20, 2011

Moochic Baby Designer Feature:

About Moochic Baby:

What did you start doing what you do?

MoochicBaby is the brainchild of two of friends (Yuva & Aneesa) who have between them, two girls under 5. Tired of paying ridiculous prices for children’s bedding and nightwear, in return for little originality and poor quality, they wanted to develop their own  range that is symbolic of all the things important to them – quality, design, good value and above all…fun ! MoochicBaby has recently launched their first collection of soft and snuggly pure cotton children's quilts and pyjamas. Each piece is hand block printed with unique and vibrant designs that have been in Yuva’s family for decades.

Why did you chose your business name?
It's actually a combination of our little girls' favourite animals - cow ('moo') and bird ('chick'). We then played with the words and removed the 'k' in chick to make our brand chic!!

How long have you been doing what you do?
MoochicBaby has been in operation for less than a year. However, Yuva's family have been in the handblock printing business for at least 40 years, designing and printing a wide range of lifestyle and home products (not just for children) and supplying to customers worldwide.

What else they you like to do?
We are now developing a range of sleeping bags for babies carrying our prints.We have also just launched our collection of soft slumber sheets ideal for swaddling, and babychiefs which are fine muslins ideal for any messy baby business.

What is your ultimate goal for your business?
We would like MoochicBaby to become synonymous with luxurious baby
products that are made available to parents at high street prices.

If you could make something for a famous person who and what would it be....?
We would love to design a baby quilt for Myleene Klass' latest addition, Hero. She is an inspirational mum and business woman.

Our products are inspired by every single parent's quest to find
perfection in everyday products for their baby. As no two children are
alike, we believe each one of our hand made products is unique in its blend of
quality and fun.

Best Sellers:

Our quilts are our best sellers.

We Make London Summer Boutique:

Show us your top three sellers that will be at the shop
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