Jun 18, 2011

Folkart Papercuts Designer Feature:

About Folkart Papercuts:

My business name is pretty self-explanatory.  It reflects my work and my inspiration.
I've been papercutting now for about two and a half years.
Before falling in love with papercutting, I was very keen on making mosaics.
My ultimate goal for my business is just to keep busy, work on more commissions and keep creating beautiful decorative items that people want to have in their homes.  
If I could choose a famous client to make a papercutting for - hands down it would have to be Clint Eastwood!  Yes, I'm a lifelong fan!  I'm not quite sure what I would make for him - maybe something music related, as he's a very talented jazz pianist. 


I love all sorts of rural landscapes and architecture - so that's always an inspiration. Also I've always been drawn to folkart.  The combination of nature, rural life and papercutting is just perfect for my style of papercutting art.

Best Sellers:

My best selling print is my Life is Good papercutting .  I think people really like the sentiment of the message.
My best selling original which I have cut many times is my Round Tree papercutting (see attached) - it's a very simple graphic image.

We Make Summer Boutique:

I will be selling prints of Life is Good
Originals and prints of Round Tree
Prints of House

My Sites:

Logo attached.

I have an Etsy shop, Folksy shop, website and blog - links below:

Twitter link:


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